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[Tokyo] Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel (ダイヤと花の大観覧車): A 117-metre Tall Ferris wheel in Kasai Rinkai Park, in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo

Diamond & Flower: Japan’s Largest Ferris Wheel, Tokyo Bay Panorama Delight

The Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park proudly claims the title of Japan’s largest observation wheel, set within the enchanting confines of a charming park. Soaring to a height of 117 meters and boasting a wheel diameter of 111 meters, its gondolas provide a breathtaking panorama of Tokyo Bay.

True to its moniker, the “Diamond and Flower” Ferris wheel captivates patrons with glistening diamonds and flower-like illuminations during its enchanting light show, creating a romantic ambiance that truly comes alive at night.

Perched loftily, the Ferris Wheel unveils a spectacular view, encompassing renowned theme parks, the vibrant Rainbow Bridge spanning Tokyo Bay, Aqua-Line Umihotaru, iconic structures such as Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree, the elegant Tokyo Gate Bridge, and even glimpses of Mt. Fuji from the Boso Peninsula on clear days.

Step into the gondola, where informative broadcasts guide you through the local and distant landscapes of Tokyo Bay, enriching your leisurely enjoyment. The Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel’s unique touch lies in its exclusion of shared seating, offering couples and families an exclusive experience.

Admission prices are structured as follows: 

• General (3 years and above): ¥800 

• Group (20 or more individuals): ¥720 

• Senior (70 years and above): ¥400 (ID verification required) 

• Persons with disabilities: ¥350 (Valid disability identification cards needed)

A gentle reminder: unsupervised preschoolers are not allowed, and individuals under the influence or with health concerns should refrain from using the attraction. Prioritize safety for a delightful experience.

This iconic Tokyo Bay landmark, the Diamond and Flower Ferris Wheel, invites you to immerse yourself in a magnificent experience. We extend an invitation to visit and savor the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

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