Welcome to Dishes Japan.

Dishes Japan is dedicated to introducing authentic Japanese cuisine to adventurous individuals, dispelling stereotypes, and providing a carefully curated culinary experience. The website showcases restaurants evaluated by experts, ensuring high ratings from professionals and the discerning Japanese public. These recommendations are not mere suggestions but represent culinary gems cherished by the Japanese themselves.

The website offers a diverse range of options catering to various palates and budgets, spanning from high-end elegance to affordable yet delightful choices. Dishes Japan features hidden treasures in remote locations and well-known establishments, each offering an authentic encounter with Japanese cuisine and culture.

Dishes Japan is focused on perfecting English presentations and expanding geographical coverage, prioritizing engagement of all six senses, including the elusive “umami” in Japanese cuisine. The mission is to globally share authentic Japanese culinary experiences, spotlighting Level 8-rated establishments on Google Maps as of January 2024.

Recognizing the challenges faced by non-Japanese speakers in identifying their choice of restaurants in Japan due to the multitude of available venues, Dishes Japan has a mission to provide accurate information before the dining experience at local venues. Dishes Japan believes that accessible and accurate information contributes to an enhanced customer experience for international visitors, and the website holds a mission to make users feel at ease, ensuring informed meal choices.

In the near future, Dishes Japan has a vision and a commitment to expanding globally, with plans to accredit Japanese cuisine establishments worldwide by providing Dishes Japan certification, starting with North America. This certificate shall be bestowed by the Dishes Japan team to restaurants that meet all six senses and adhere to Japanese standards. The website invites individuals on a global culinary adventure, serving as a passport to consistently valuable information for foreigners visiting Japan, offering an immersive and authentic experience beyond mere dining.

Privacy Policy


Dishes Japan is dedicated to exploring and promoting authentic Japanese cuisine, aiming to dispel stereotypes and provide a meticulously curated culinary experience. This Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our users and their information.

Information Collection: 

We collect personal information such as names and email addresses when users interact with our platform, including liking, recommending, and providing feedback. Additionally, non-personal information, such as user preferences and behavior, may be gathered to enhance the overall user experience.

Use of Information:

The personal information collected is utilized to improve our platform, tailor recommendations, and effectively engage with users. Dishes Japan may also use aggregated, non-personal information for analytical purposes to better understand user preferences and trends.

Sharing of Information: 

Dishes Japan does not sell, trade, or disclose personal information to third parties without user consent. We may share aggregated and anonymized data with partners and affiliates for analytical and promotional purposes.

User Engagement:

Users are encouraged to actively participate by liking, recommending, and providing feedback. Dishes Japan values user engagement and utilizes the feedback received to enhance the platform’s English presentations and expand geographical coverage.

Translation Technology: 

Recognizing the challenges faced by non-Japanese speakers, Dishes Japan aims to enhance the dining experience through technology. The platform may collaborate with restaurants to implement real-time translation features or provide downloadable translated menus, ensuring accessible and accurate information for international visitors.

Global Expansion: 

In the pursuit of our mission to share authentic Japanese culinary experiences, Dishes Japan envisions global expansion, starting with accrediting Japanese cuisine establishments in North America. This expansion is aimed at providing valuable information to foreigners visiting Japan and fostering an immersive and authentic culinary experience.

Security Measures: 

Dishes Japan employs industry-standard security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

Changes to the Privacy Policy: 

Dishes Japan reserves the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy as necessary. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and continued use of the platform implies acceptance of the updated policy.

Thank you for entrusting Dishes Japan with your culinary exploration. We are committed to ensuring a secure and enriching experience for our users.


Dishes Japan will strive to uphold the accuracy of information provided; however, Dishes Japan shall not be held responsible for any damages arising from the use of information, destination links, etc. Users are advised to verify critical details independently.