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The purpose of this website is to introduce you to the most popular Japanese foods and some of the best places where they may be enjoyed during your stay in Japan. The restaurants we present here have been carefully selected based on the evaluations of experts in Japanese cuisine. These are places that are highly rated on the basis of both professional opinion and public recognition. These are restaurants that Japanese themselves prefer and rate highly. Our target audience is adventuresome foreigners who are interested in experiencing authentic Japanese tastes. Don’t be misled by fake labels. We guarantee that the restaurants we recommend are ones that Japanese frequent themselves and evaluate highly. We are confident that virtually everyone, no matter what their native cuisine, will find something at each restaurant that they will truly love. But there is something else we hope you will discover by visiting these special places. Along with cuisine, you will experience authentic Japanese culture, craftsmanship, and art. If we achieve our goal, you will leave each restaurant with a deep and abiding respect for the Japanese cultural heritage.

We offer examples of restaurants that suit a variety of budgets and tastes. At one end of the spectrum, there are high-end restaurants that are suitable for very special occasions or for entertaining important business clients. But there are also excellent restaurants that cater to ordinary salarymen, office ladies, blue-collar workers, and students. Some of the cheaper restaurants are little known treasures in somewhat remote places; others are gems hidden in plain sight. Some of the restaurants choose to maintain ridiculously low prices, but ration their services on the basis of waiting (i.e. queuing). The common element of all the restaurants featured here is an encounter with authentic Japanese cuisine and culture.

Our selection criteria for restaurants is highly restrictive. Consequently, we do not accept advertisements from the restaurants we feature. Our business model depends mainly on evaluations of Japanese professionals but, obviously, your opinions also matter. If you find our site useful and, especially, if you have an opportunity to verify our selections please “like” us and recommend us to your friends and associates. We look forward to your comments and suggestions, especially those that help us improve our English presentations. Keep in touch! We will be updating this website as we expand our geographical coverage and as exciting new discoveries are made.

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