[Tokyo] Hotel Gracery Shinjuku (ホテルグレイスリー新宿): A Modern High-Rise Hotel with a Quirky Godzilla Statue, Just a 5-Minute Walk from JR Shinjuku Station

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Hotel Gracery Shinjuku: Tranquil Escape in the Heart of Tokyo

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku offers a striking contrast to the bustling energy of Shinjuku. Since its opening in 2015, this hotel has provided travelers with a serene escape, just a five-minute walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit.

The hotel’s exterior, part of the Shinjuku Toho Building, is characterized by its modern design that enhances the urban skyline. This high-rise hotel, with its 970 rooms, offers a variety of room types, from singles to triples, catering to business travelers, families, and couples on a weekend getaway.

The rooms, featuring calm tones and sophisticated interiors, blend comfort with functionality. Each room is equipped with air conditioning integrated with an air purifier, a flat-screen TV, and an electric kettle with green tea bags, embodying the spirit of Japanese hospitality. The bathrooms are designed separately from the toilets and come with a bathtub, shower, slippers, and complimentary amenities, including toothbrushes.

A notable feature of Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is the massive Godzilla head on the building’s terrace, a landmark in Shinjuku and a must-see for fans of the film. Guests can immerse themselves in the cinematic world by staying on the Godzilla Floor or in the Godzilla Room.

The hotel’s first-floor restaurant offers a buffet-style breakfast with Japanese and Western dishes. Additional amenities include a 24-hour front desk, dry cleaning, laundry and ironing services, and a multilingual concierge. The hotel’s location provides easy access to major attractions such as Shinjuku Gyoen, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Shinjuku Golden Gai, making it an ideal base for both business and leisure.

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is a hidden gem offering tranquility and comfort amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Room rates vary by type and date, with typical prices as follows:

  • Single Room: 17-18㎡, bed width 140cm, for one person, base rate 42,000 yen
  • Double Room: 17-18㎡, bed width 140cm, for one to two people, base rate 42,200 yen
  • Comfort Double Room: 20-21㎡, bed width 160cm, for one to two people, base rate 47,700 yen
  • Twin Room: 23-24㎡, bed width 120cm, for two people, base rate 57,600 yen
  • Comfort Twin Room: 32㎡, bed width 120cm, for two people, base rate 77,400 yen
  • Triple Room: 28㎡, bed width 110cm, for three people, base rate 66,600 yen
  • Universal Twin Room: 35㎡, bed width 120cm, for two people, base rate 88,400 yen

These rates include taxes and service charges and are subject to change. For the latest information, please check the hotel’s official website or booking sites. Special plans and campaigns may offer more favorable rates.

To make a reservation at Hotel Gracery Shinjuku:

  1. Visit the official website and navigate to the reservation section.
  2. Select your check-in and check-out dates from the calendar.
  3. Choose the appropriate room type based on the number of guests.
  4. Enter your reservation details, including name, contact information, and any special requests.
  5. Provide payment information.
  6. Confirm your reservation.

Alternatively, you can book through other sites like Rakuten Travel or Jalan. Always verify the latest availability, rates, and cancellation policies. The hotel’s official site also offers membership programs and campaign information for additional savings.

For further assistance, you may contact the hotel’s customer service directly at 03-6833-1111.

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