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[Tokyo] Azabudai Hills (麻布台ヒルズ): The Complex Located in the Toranomon Business District Offering Panoramic Views of Tokyo

Redefining Tokyo: Azabudai Hills – Where Urban Elegance Meets Natural Harmony

Azabudai Hills, a visionary project by Mori Building, is a groundbreaking complex that redefines the Tokyo skyline. Completed in 2019 and unveiled on November 24, 2023, this architectural marvel spans 8.1 hectares, featuring a 325.19-meter tower that integrates offices, residences, medical facilities, commercial spaces, and an international school.

At its core, Azabu Daihills Garden Plaza boasts two residential gems, Residence B and Residence A, reaching heights of 262.83 meters and 237.20 meters, respectively. The complex embodies the “Modern Urban Village” concept, featuring a green-enveloped square that transforms Tokyo into a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing cityscape.

The 33rd-floor observatory provides panoramic views, offering a privileged perspective on Tokyo’s beauty. Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, and Odaiba unfold against the backdrop of the Tokyo Bay Area. On clear days, Mount Fuji adds grandeur to the scenery.

Azabudai Hills is more than a concrete jungle; it’s a living testament to the future of urban elegance, where innovation meets tradition and the city harmonizes with nature. Mori Building invites you to embrace a lifestyle like no other in the heart of Tokyo.

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