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[Tokyo] Shinjuku Food Guide: Five Best Tempura Restaurants in Shinjuku You Must Visit


This article showcases the top five tempura restaurants in Shinjuku, featuring Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Souhonten for its century-long reputation, Tempura Funabashiya Shinjuku Honten known for traditional tempura, Tenkichiya Shinjuku for its innovative tempura set meals, Kushi Tempura Dandanya with over 100 creative tempura skewers and wine pairing, and Tempura Tenhide Shinjuku specializing in Edo-style tempura with fresh daily ingredients from Tsukiji.

Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Souhonten (天ぷら 新宿 つな八 総本店)

Founded in 1924, Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Souhonten, located in Tsunohazu, Shinjuku, has been cherished by both locals and tourists for a century. Mr. Kyuzo Shimura, the original proprietor, established this specialized tempura shop, and its operations have persevered since. The main branch, using specially crafted sesame oil, serves freshly fried tempura at its zenith. Committed artisans, dedicated to fostering customer loyalty, meticulously prepare the finest tempura. Premium counter seats create a sophisticated ambiance for patrons to indulge in this culinary delight.

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Tempura Funabashiya Shinjuku Honten (天ぷら 船橋屋 新宿本店)

Funabashiya, established in the early Meiji era, boasts a 130-year history. Its founder, Kanejiro Takahashi (born in 1858), transitioned from Funabashi Village (now part of Funabashi, Setagaya-ward in Tokyo) to Shinjuku, engaging in commerce with baked sweet potatoes (Yaki-imo) and horse-drawn carriages. In 1886, it settled in present-day Shinjuku Sanchome as “Yaki-imo Funabashiya.” Tempura Funabashiya is renowned for its traditional tempura, particularly the “Tamajime Shibori” sesame oil-infused masterpiece, crafted with seasonal ingredients and an artisan’s discerning palate.

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Tenkichiya Shinjuku (天吉屋 新宿店)

Tenkichiya is a specialized tempura restaurant located in Nishi-Shinjuku. Renowned for winning the Gold Prize at the National Donburi Grand Prix for ten consecutive years, Tenkichiya is a highly popular tempura establishment. Among its signature dishes, the “Ebi no Ikadaage,” featuring four prawns arranged in pairs and deep-fried, and the hearty tendon made with Hokkaido-sourced Pacific cod, are particularly favored. The Tenmabushi introduces an innovative approach, allowing patrons to savor the delights of tempura set meals, tendon, and tempura rice tea simultaneously.

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Kushi Tempura Dandanya (串天ぷら 段々屋)

Kushi Tempura Dandanya is a cutting-edge restaurant specializing in creative tempura skewers, known for its excellent pairing with wines and champagnes. With over 100 varieties of skewered tempura made from diverse seasonal ingredients, patrons can relish the essence of each season’s flavors. The pricing structure allows for casual visits, and the counter seats offer a firsthand experience of the live kitchen ambiance, accompanied by private dining spaces. This venue celebrates “tempura” as a traditional Japanese culinary art, combining a deep respect for tradition with a creative approach, delivering a culinary experience that honors heritage while embracing inventive endeavors.

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Tempura Tenhide Shinjuku (天ぷら 天秀(てんひで) 新宿)

Tempura Tenshige, established in 1903, is a prestigious specialist recognized in “Tempura Hyakumeiten 2022.” Dedicated to Edo-style tempura, it employs a traditional “Tamajime Shibori” method with sesame and salad oils for a light texture, enhancing natural flavors. The establishment sources authentic Edo-style tempura ingredients daily from Tsukiji, ensuring a genuine menu. Known for year-round versatility, Tenshige offers seasonal delights such as butterbur scape, aralia sprout, canola flower, and sakura shrimp in spring, making it a recommended destination for authentic Edo-style tempura enthusiasts.

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