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Chidori-ga-fuchi Park(千鳥ヶ淵公園)

Looking for a breathtaking cherry blossom viewing experience? Look no further than Chidori-ga-fuchi Park, located just a short walk from Kudanshita Station. Nestled between Uchibori-dori Street and the Hanzobori Moat, this park is home to 170 cherry blossom trees, including the renowned Somei-yoshino and Yamazakura varieties.

Opened in 1919 as part of the city’s redevelopment project, the park’s elongated shape and unique charm provides visitors with the perfect setting to take in the array of seasonal flowers and foliage while enjoying a forest bath on the park’s benches during the day. The peak viewing period for the cherry blossoms is typically late March to early April, but the beauty doesn’t stop there – the park’s yellow rapeseed flowers, blooming from February to May, add a striking contrast to the cherry blossoms.

For those interested in delving deeper into the area’s history, the adjacent Kitanomaru Park is a must-see, featuring around 230 cherry trees including the Ohatsu-zakura variety, and historical sites.

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