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[Nagasaki] Glover Garden (グラバー園): An Open-Air Museum of Old Western-style Houses Located Very Close to Oura Cathedral in Nagasaki

Glover Garden

Glover Garden: A Timeless Tapestry of History and Beauty in Nagasaki

Glover Garden in Nagasaki is a captivating historic park designed for the visionary Scottish merchant, Thomas Blake Glover. Renowned for his pivotal role in Japan’s modernization, Glover’s legacy is immortalized on the Minamiyamate hillside, offering a breathtaking view of Nagasaki harbor.

This enchanting haven boasts nine Western-style residences, constructed between 1868 and 1912 for the eclectic community of foreign merchants. At the heart of Glover Garden stands the iconic Glover Residence, a testament to architectural fusion—a delicate blend of Western and Japanese elements, a masterpiece in the treaty port style. The allure extends to notable neighbors like Ringer House and Alt House, each with its unique tale.

As an esteemed Important Cultural Asset, Glover Garden beckons explorers from the Ouratenshudo tram stop, providing an easy pathway into the past. Immerse yourself in the well-preserved interiors, unraveling the opulent lifestyles of the privileged few who once called these abodes home. Adorned with period furniture, these residences serve as a portal to an era long gone.

Beyond the echoes of history, Glover Garden unveils panoramic vistas of Nagasaki’s cityscape, harbor, and industrial tapestry. It’s more than just a stroll through time; it’s an immersive journey into the soul of a city. And when you’ve marveled at the historic tapestry, take a moment of respite at the garden’s cafe and shop, adding the final brushstrokes to an unforgettable visitor experience.

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