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[Tokyo] Musashi Mitake Shrine (武蔵御嶽神社): A Skyward Sentinel that has been Musashi Province’s Ancient Guardian


Musashi Mitake Shrine: Tokyo’s Timeless Mountain Sanctuary

Nestled atop the enchanting heights of Mount Mitake in the heart of Tokyo’s Ome City, Musashi Mitake Shrine stands as a timeless testament to Japan’s rich history and spirituality.

Legend weaves a tale of its founding during the reign of Emperor Sujin, a time when myths and reality seamlessly merged to shape Japan’s heritage. This sacred shrine has been a beacon of worship since time immemorial, deeply ingrained in the nation’s soul.

In 736, the shrine’s transformation into a center of faith began with the enshrinement of a statue of Zao Gongen. This divine symbol radiated protection and stability, drawing military commanders from the Kamakura era and accumulating a trove of cherished votive offerings.

Among the shrine’s captivating legends is the tale of Oguchimagami, the guardian god who guided the legendary warrior Yamato Takeru to safety. This white wolf, known as Oinusama, has since watched over farmers and guarded against disasters. The Edo period added a delightful twist to the story as priests distributed good luck charms adorned with images of Oinusama, further spreading the Mitake faith throughout the Kanto region.


Mount Mitake, with its sweeping vistas, has offered inspiration and solace to Shugendo practitioners, samurai, and common folk alike. It has been a source of protection and bountiful harvests, a cherished treasure. Oguchimagami, the wolf turned guardian, draws dog-loving worshipers, adding a unique allure to the shrine’s mystique.

The path to the shrine retains its age-old charm, inviting visitors to find serenity amidst nature’s bounty.

Beyond its sacred significance, Musashi Mitake Shrine is a living testament to Japan’s mountain worship tradition. It safeguards the agricultural prosperity of the Kanto Plain and remains a beacon for martial deities, attracting leaders from turbulent times to an era of tranquility.


A visit to this shrine is an unforgettable experience, particularly during spring’s cherry blossoms or autumn’s vibrant foliage. Traditional festivals, including yabusame and kagura, grace the shrine’s calendar with awe-inspiring archery and timeless Shinto dance. For those seeking a deeper connection, temple lodges and hot springs provide a tranquil retreat, immersing visitors in the shrine’s serenity.

To reach this sanctuary, embark on a journey from Shinjuku Station to Ome Station, followed by a bus to Takimoto Station. Ascend to Mount Mitake’s summit with a breathtaking cable car ride or opt for a two-hour hike along a marked trail. Musashi Mitake Shrine beckons as a timeless sanctuary, where ancient traditions and modern marvels intertwine, inviting all to discover the magic that resides atop this sacred Tokyo mountain.

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