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[Osaka] Osaka Science Museum (大阪市立科学館): Uncover the Wonders of Science and Stars in Osaka’s Hidden Gem

Osaka’s Cosmic Hub: A Science Museum Odyssey

The Osaka Science Museum, nestled amidst the Nakanoshima district in Osaka, is a prominent hub of scientific knowledge. Themed around the cosmos and energy, it offers a range of attractions, including a planetarium, exhibition halls, and science presentations. The planetarium’s vast dome, with its impressive 26.5-meter screen, allows patrons to immerse themselves in the captivating night sky and the mysteries of the cosmos. Notably, it accurately projects over 9,000 stars, exceeding the conventional visibility limit of 6.5 magnitude to the naked eye.

Visitors to the exhibition halls can actively explore various scientific phenomena and mechanisms, engaging in experiential learning. Additionally, the Science Show provides an accessible and enthusiastic introduction to the wonders of science, delivered by the museum’s erudite curators. The facility is further enriched by a museum shop and a café-restaurant, ensuring a comprehensive visitor experience.

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