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[Tokyo] Shiodome Yokocho (汐留横丁): A Lively Food Hall Located in a Business and Leisure District in Shiodome within Walking Distance from Shimbashi


Shiodome Yokocho: Where Delightful Dining Meets a Seamless Experience

Shiodome Yokocho stands as a culinary wonderland in Tokyo’s Minato ward, offering a distinctive and lively dining experience. This food hall artfully merges diverse culinary genres, appealing to every palate with Japanese, Italian, and seafood delights. The open layout of Shiodome Yokocho provides a range of seating options, from cozy corners to animated counters, ensuring a perfect spot for everyone.


Distinguished by its all-encompassing experience, Shiodome Yokocho allows you to order both drinks and delectable dishes from your seat by scanning a QR code with your smartphones, creating a seamless and delightful dining adventure. Operating on a cashless basis, the establishment embraces electronic payment methods, enabling you to focus solely on enjoying the culinary delights without any transaction hassles.


Dishes Japan ordered a unique tempura creatively named ‘Komepura,’ which incorporates rice flour flakes. This dish distinguishes itself by avoiding wheat flour and opting for rice flour flakes in the preparation of gluten-free tempura. Not only does this particular tempura variant boast a health-conscious profile compared to its breadcrumb-laden counterpart, but it also offers a satisfyingly crisp texture attributed to the incorporation of rice flour.

With a welcoming ambiance for families, a sprawling seating capacity of 200, and a kid-friendly atmosphere, Shiodome Yokocho transforms into the ideal spot for various occasions, from family gatherings to celebrations.

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