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[Tokyo] Tokyo International Cruise Terminal (東京国際クルーズターミナル): A Central Hub for Travel in Japan


Sail into Splendor: Tokyo’s Gateway to Global Maritime Adventures

The Tokyo International Cruise Terminal is located in Tokyo’s vibrant Koto-ku district. It serves as a unique destination for those embarking on international cruises and was constructed to replace the Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal, which could not accommodate very large Panamax-sized cruise ships.

This modern terminal symbolizes a new beginning for maritime journeys. It not only provides convenient access to Tokyo’s main attractions but also serves as a gateway to all of Japan, accessible by both land and air. Since its inauguration during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, it has become a sought-after destination for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in both traditional and modern Japanese culture.


Connected to an extensive network linking cities worldwide and Japan’s urban centers, the terminal is an ideal hub for Fly & Cruise tours. Beyond its maritime appeal, it facilitates easy exploration of Tokyo’s renowned landmarks and serves as a launchpad for day trips to historic sites like Kamakura and Nikko.

The Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station is a mere 8-minute walk from the Yurikamome line, with a complimentary shuttle bus available from Tokyo Teleport Station. Additionally, it is accessible from Tokyo Station and Haneda Airport. Serving as a crucial center for Japan’s tourism, this terminal promises thrilling experiences for visitors from around the world.

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