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[Tokyo] Tokyo Opera City (東京オペラシティ): A Cultural Complex Located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Hatsudai


A Cultural Haven Known for its Spectacular View and Culinary Delights

Tokyo Opera City is an exceptional cultural conglomeration that seamlessly merges the domains of business, commerce, and culture in perfect symbiosis. Located on the third floor of the Tokyo Opera City Building, this multifaceted destination offers a grand classical music concert hall with an impressive seating arrangement of 1,632, as well as a contemporary art gallery showcasing awe-inspiring artworks. 

Right next door, the New National Theatre, Tokyo is a hive of creative activity, hosting everything from ballets to operas. Take your culinary journey to new heights on the 53rd and 54th floors, where a wide array of restaurants offers tantalizing Japanese and Western cuisine with the added bonus of an unforgettable view of Shinjuku’s cityscape.

The panoramic view from a height of 230 meters is simply breathtaking, making it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner with an incredible backdrop. What sets this location apart is its proximity to Tokyo’s towering skyline and the mesmerizing curves of the Metropolitan Expressway that wind around the Shinjuku Fukutoshin (sub-center).

As the sun sets and the night lights up, the glittering view of Nishi-Shinjuku is a sight to behold. Come and experience the magic of Tokyo Opera City, where culture, cuisine, and creativity converge.

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