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[Tokyo] NHK Broadcasting Center (NHK放送センター): Tokyo’s Cultural and Broadcasting Haven


Unveiling Japan’s Broadcast Legacy: The NHK Broadcasting Center

Nestled in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, specifically in the Jinnan 2-chome district, the NHK Broadcasting Center stands tall as the esteemed headquarters of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). This iconic facility serves as the bustling hub for nationwide network programs, block broadcasting in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region, satellite transmissions, and international broadcasts.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the NHK Broadcasting Center, which traces its origins back to the illustrious 1964 Tokyo Olympics. At that time, the Olympic International Broadcasting Center took shape within a portion of Washington Heights, a once-U.S. military residential area graciously returned to Japan. The center’s East Building, now an emblem of its legacy, proudly emerged from the construction dust in 1965. Subsequently, the West Building (completed in 1968) and the magnificent Main Building (completed in 1973) were seamlessly added to the architectural ensemble.

Exuding grandeur and functional diversity, the NHK Broadcasting Center sprawls across an impressive expanse of approximately 180,000 square meters—an area rivaling the size of Tokyo Dome multiplied by 1.5. Its commanding complex features the towering 23-story Main Building alongside other notable structures like the East Building, West Building, and NHK Hall. Within this extraordinary enclave lie state-of-the-art studios, editing rooms, a bustling news center, a weather information hub, as well as cutting-edge uplink facilities and parabolic antennas for satellite and international transmissions.

Prepare to be captivated by the NHK Broadcasting Center’s alluring highlights—the public studios and exhibition corners. Step into the enchanting realm of the public studios, where visitors can relish in the live broadcasts of acclaimed programs like “Asaichi.”

Within the fabric of Japanese culture, the NHK Broadcasting Center assumes a paramount role. As the nation’s sole public broadcasting station, NHK embraces its responsibility of providing the public with unbiased, equitable, and diverse information. Moreover, NHK takes pride in crafting programs that showcase traditional Japanese culture, performing arts, and foster the exchange of the latest global insights and cultural experiences. Functioning as a creative epicenter for such endeavors, the NHK Broadcasting Center actively contributes to the evolution of Japanese culture.

For those captivated by NHK’s programs or harboring a profound interest in broadcasting, the NHK Broadcasting Center beckons with unparalleled popularity and an undeniable allure. A pilgrimage to this revered institution proves a dreamlike experience for those raised on NHK programs or for aspirants yearning to join the ranks of esteemed NHK announcers and casters. Here, within the NHK Broadcasting Center’s hallowed halls, one can embark on a journey akin to living their aspirations. Furthermore, this illustrious venue offers an opportunity to explore the history, technology, and societal impact of broadcasting—a gateway to unraveling the tapestry of Japan’s broadcast culture.

Undoubtedly, the NHK Broadcasting Center stands as a cherished and invaluable destination, inviting all to bask in its cultural riches and deepen their understanding of Japan’s vibrant broadcasting landscape.

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