Ueno Station is known as the northern gateway to Tokyo. If you really want to know the uniqueness of Japan, then Ueno and Asakusa are not to be overlooked as tourist destinations. In both locations you encounter the old traditions and history of Japan. You experience old Japan in the ancient temples and side streets as well as in the various Ueno museums.

Ueno Park, next to the station, is known as one of the best places for relaxation and cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. In the Edo period, the area, including Shinobazu Pond, was the location of Kaneiji Temple. Unfortunately, the temple was destroyed in the fighting at the end of the Edo period.  In 1873, the park was redeveloped and opened to the public as Japan’s first national park. In the park, one can experience temples, shrines, monuments of various sorts, and remnants of Kanejii Temple. In the vicinity of Ueno Station are the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, National Museum of Nature and Science, the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and the National Museum of Nature and Science. The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan and various other museums and cultural facilities are also located in the area. Ueno Zoo is another nice place to relax.

South of Ueno Station is a busy shopping street with food, miscellaneous goods and restaurants centered on the Ameyoko Shopping Street. “Ameyoko” has long been known as a traditional place for buying candies (ame). Following WW2, Ame also became identified with the American (Ame) goods sold in the area’s thriving black market.

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