Exploring the Irresistible: Tonkotsu Shoyu Iekei Ramen, a Popular Ramen Style in Japan

Tonkotsu Shoyu Iekei Ramen 1

Iekei Elegance: Customizable Rich Ramen Delight

“Iekei Ramen” is a sumptuous noodle dish showcasing a flavorful broth crafted from a blend of pork bones and chicken carcasses, infused with soy sauce. Accompanied by thick Chinese noodles, chicken fat, spinach, char siu (roasted pork), and nori (seaweed), it offers the flexibility to customize noodle firmness, oil quantity, and flavor intensity according to personal preferences.

Originating in 1974 from ramen shops associated with Yoshimuraya in Yokohama, “Iekei Ramen” represents a style reminiscent of Yoshimuraya’s rich pork bone soy sauce ramen. Popularized through affiliated and inspired ramen establishments, often bearing the suffix “ya,” it is colloquially referred to as “Iekei.”

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