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Hama Sushi (はま寿司): A Popular Japanese Chain of Sushi Restaurants

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Hama Sushi: A Taste Sensation with Coastal Elegance

Hama Sushi, a conveyor belt sushi sensation, has been captivating taste buds since its establishment in 2002. With a brand that echoes the essence of both “Yokohama,” the birthplace of Zensho, and the breezy concept of a “beach,” Hama Sushi has become a household name with 570 outlets scattered across Japan as of December 1, 2022.

The Hiroshima Prefecture-produced Oyster Fry Wrap, a delectable wrap sushi featuring succulent oysters from the region, is embraced by the tantalizing touch of tartar sauce. Hiroshima, renowned for being a leading oyster-producing haven in Japan, takes pride in presenting this specialty that captures the essence of its coastal bounty.

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Taking center stage is the Hokkaido-produced Overflowing Salmon Roe Wrap, showcasing the premium quality of Hokkaido’s salmon roe. Known for its exquisite taste, this wrap sushi is a testament to the region’s rich culinary offerings, making it a must-try for sushi enthusiasts.

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For those with a sweet tooth, indulge in the allure of the Rich Fondant au Chocolat, a luscious chocolate cake originating from the heart of France. Characterized by its flowing, molten chocolate interior, Hama Sushi’s rendition of this dessert promises a smooth texture that lets you savor the intense flavor of chocolate in every bite.

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What sets Hama Sushi apart from the conveyor belt sushi crowd is not just its widespread popularity but also its diverse menu that features these culinary gems.

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