Jimbocho is the Holy Land of Japanese Curry

Curry, a dish that originated in India, is a popular dish of Japan. Curry was first introduced to Japan in the late Edo period (1603-1868) by a British ship following the opening of the Port of Yokohama in 1859. The primary reason why curry became so popular in Japan is that it is a Western dish that is inexpensive, simple to prepare, and served with rice. Its propagation on a nationwide scale was undoubtedly helped by its widespread adoption in school lunches (known as kyushoku in Japanese). 

“Curry rice,” as it is commonly called, has a unique Japanese style and taste.  In addition, however, there is a wide variety of other Japanese-style curry dishes including curry cutlet, curry bread, curry ramen, curry spaghetti, and curry udon. They share the unique Japanese concept of “curry flavor.”

Jimbocho is famous not only as the world’s largest used book town but is also recognized as one of the best curry towns in Japan. There is a theory that the rapid spread of curry shops in Jimbocho stems from the fact that people can read a book using one hand while eating curry with a spoon in the other. There are, in fact, so many curry stores that you will have trouble deciding where to eat. Here are a few suggestions to narrow down your search.

Click to view the 3 Best Curry Restaurants in Jimbocho, Tokyo   

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