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[Tokyo] Daikokuyu (押上温泉 大黒湯): Traditional Public Bath with Onsen Bliss, Skytree Views, and Tattoo-Friendly Serenity


Daikokuyu Onsen: Tokyo’s Modern Oasis with Timeless Charm

Daikokuyu Onsen in Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, is a revered traditional public bathhouse in the downtown area, offering a panoramic view of the Tokyo Skytree. Established in 1949, it has gained enduring affection from the local community. After a 2014 renewal, it transformed into a bathhouse with a blend of modern Japanese aesthetics.

Utilizing a weak alkaline hot spring with natural minerals, Daikokuyu Onsen provides extensive facilities, including open-air baths, carbonated springs, saunas, and a hot spring source, offering optimal relaxation benefits. The bathhouse also provides a picturesque view of the Skytree, enhancing the overall experience.


Cherished by the local community as a cultural cornerstone, Daikokuyu Onsen contributes to Japanese heritage. Its proximity to the Tokyo Skytree and scenic surroundings make it noteworthy for diverse visitors. Notably, individuals with tattoos are welcome, but it’s advisable to communicate this in advance and observe proper etiquette for a considerate bathing experience.

The admission fee for adults is 520 yen, middle school students pay 420 yen, elementary school students pay 200 yen, and infants are charged 100 yen. If you choose to use the sauna, there is an additional fee of 300 yen on weekdays and 330 yen on weekends and national holidays.

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