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[Tokyo] Akagi-jinja Shrine (赤城神社): Sacred Legacy

Akagi Shrine

Known for its Rich History and Powerful Deities: The Akagi-jinja Shrine in Tokyo

The Akagi-jinja Shrine, located in Shinjuku-ward, Tokyo, has a rich history that dates back to the year 1300. According to legend, this sacred site was established when a kami deity was divided and shared with another shrine. This spirit was subsequently passed down through various locations until it arrived at its current location in 1555, brought by the Ushigome clan, descendants of the Ogo clan. The shrine was officially recognized by the Tokugawa government in 1683 and eventually elevated to a district shrine in 1873.

However, the significance of the Akagi-jinja Shrine extends beyond its historical roots. Presently, it enshrines two important kami deities, Iwatsutsunoo-no-Mikoto and Akagihime-no-Mikoto, who are reputed to grant women’s wishes for harmonious relationships, easy childbirth, and matrimonial felicity. Consequently, many women visit this shrine to seek blessings from these powerful kami.

Visitors can explore the shrine grounds and admire the beauty of this ancient place. For literary enthusiasts, the back of the shrine grounds holds particular importance, as it once housed the “Seifu-tei” rental house where Tsubouchi Shoyo, a prominent Japanese author and professor, convened meetings for his literary society.

In 2010, the Akagi-jinja Shrine underwent an extensive renovation led by renowned architect Kengo Kuma, resulting in an impressive modern interpretation of a Shinto holy site. Whether you are interested in history, religion, literature, or architecture, a visit to the Akagi-jinja Shrine is sure to be a memorable experience.

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