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[Tokyo] Suica Penguin Square (SUICAのペンギン広場): Where Past and Future Converge

Suica Penguin Square

A Popular Rendezvous Point in Shinjuku Known for its Bronze Effigy

“Penguin Plaza” is a pedestrian thoroughfare situated adjacent to the sprawling commercial establishment of “JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower,” inaugurated in March 2016. The Square, in tribute to the eponymous character of the IC card Suica, administered by JR East, is commonly referred to as “Suica Penguin Plaza.”

The square boasts of a bronze effigy of the Suica penguin and is also renowned as a favored rendezvous point. On the left-hand side of the statue stands Takashimaya Times Square, while the vista of the Tokyo metropolitan area, including the Docomo Tower, spreads out ahead. After dark, the neighboring edifices and the flora in the square are illuminated, creating a surreal and otherworldly ambiance.

The charming statue, measuring approximately 2.5 meters tall (including the pedestal), portrays the figure moving forward towards the future, thereby signifying the yearning to construct a perpetual future for the Shinjuku region. In addition, a card panel outlining the history of Suica is affixed on the backside of the pedestal (facing the train tracks).

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