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[Tokyo] Hyogo Yokocho Alley (兵庫横丁): Kagurazaka’s Enchanting Alley


A Famous Filming Location Known for Its Nostalgic Charm

Are you dreaming of walking through ancient Japan, where stone-paved streets, black walls, and old houses are still preserved to this day? If so, Kagurazaka in Tokyo is the perfect destination for you. This charming area offers traditional Japanese scenery that will take you back in time, and it’s not just the scenery that’s impressive. With an array of restaurants, including Japanese, Italian, French, and Chinese cuisine, from casual to super high-end, and from traditional to cutting-edge, Kagurazaka caters to every taste bud.

But, what is the essence of Kagurazaka’s charm? It’s the alleys, my friend. Kagurazaka’s alleys are where you can find the true beauty of this area. Among them is Hyogo Yokocho, a famous alley that is often used as a filming location for dramas and movies. It has even won the Shinjuku Cityscape Award for its nostalgic and emotional atmosphere. Interestingly, the name “Hyogo Yokocho” comes from the fact that there was a weapon depot (Hyogo) of Ushigome Castle during the Warring States period.

As a prime location for filming, many traditional Japanese houses and old houses are still preserved in the narrow alleys, with numerous renowned restaurants lining both sides of the street. Hyogo Yokocho is said to be the oldest street in Kagurazaka, and one of its unique features is that its entrance is unusually narrow, adding to the alley’s charm. So, don’t miss out on a visit to Kagurazaka and Hyogo Yokocho to experience the beauty of traditional Japan.

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