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[Tokyo] Suga Jinja (須賀神社): An Anime’s Sacred Shrine in Shinjuku

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Suga Jinja Shrine: Beyond the Anime Fame

The Suga Jinja shrine is renowned for its distinctive staircase, prominently featured in the acclaimed anime film “Your Name” or “Kimi No Na Wa” in Japanese. Enthusiasts of anime from all corners of the globe visit this shrine to immerse themselves in the world of “Your Name.” Nevertheless, the shrine bears deeper cultural and historical significance beyond its appearance in the film. According to Japanese mythology, when Susano no Mikoto vanquished the eight-headed serpent, he proclaimed, “here I come, and I feel suga suga shi (purified).” Hence, the Suga shrine was named after this tale.

Since the Edo period, the shrine has been a vital guardian of the eighteen districts of Yotsuya, and it occupies a prominent place in the history of Tokyo. Originally, the Suga shrine comprised two distinct shrines: the Gozutennou shrine and the Inari shrine. Following the Meiji Restoration, however, they were amalgamated to form the Suga Jinja we cherish today.

As you stroll through the precincts of the Suga Jinja, savor the serene ambiance and appreciate the profound cultural and historical heritage of this sacred site. Whether you are a fervent admirer of “Your Name” or merely curious to explore Tokyo’s concealed treasures, the Suga Jinja is an unmissable destination that will leave you feeling truly purified.

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