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[Miyagi] Okama Crater Lake (御釜): Nature’s Colorful Wonder

Explore the Lake of Five Colors: Okama Crater Lake, Known for its Exquisite Beauty and Dragon God Legend

The Okama crater lake, perched atop Mount Zao in Miyagi Prefecture, is an exquisite body of water, alternatively known as Goshikinuma or the Lake of Five Colors. Its formation dates back to 1720 when a volcanic eruption took place, and it is an essential constituent of the Zao volcanic complex. Due to the elevated acidity of the water, no fauna can survive in or drink from the lake. However, it remains a favored spot for hikers and nature enthusiasts alike, and it can be accessed through various modes of transportation.

What sets the Okama crater lake apart from other volcanic water bodies is its ability to exhibit a range of colors and landscapes throughout the year, subject to the intensity of daylight. Besides being a natural marvel, the lake holds great significance in Japanese culture and history. According to local legend, a dragon god is said to reside in the lake, making it a sacred site for some.

For those interested in volcanoes, mountains, lakes, or nature in general, a visit to the Okama crater lake is an absolute must. The stunning vistas of the caldera lake and its surroundings make it a destination worth exploring. Additionally, the region is home to other notable attractions, such as the Zao Fox Village, Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort, and Yamadera Temple.

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