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[Tokyo] Wadakura Fountain Park (和田倉噴水公園): A Tranquil Oasis in Tokyo


More than Just a Pretty Park, Known for Its Cultural Richness and Serenity

Wadakura Fountain Park is an exquisite park located in the Wadakura section of the Kokyo Gaien National Garden. The park features a magnificent fountain that reaches an impressive height of 8.5 meters, an artificial waterfall that spans 30 meters across and measures 5.5 meters high, as well as historic structures from the Edo period, lending a touch of antiquity and cultural richness.

However, Wadakura Fountain Park is more than a mere beautiful park. It was constructed to commemorate the marriages of imperial couples and embodies the essence of Japanese culture, emphasizing the importance of nature and harmony in its design and integration with its environment and surroundings.

The park’s minimalist design, comprising concrete, water, and light, creates a serene ambiance. Its main fountain’s three jets form the shape of a chrysanthemum, symbolizing the imperial family. Submerged LED lights change hues with the time of day and season, endowing the park with breathtaking views both day and night.

Cherry blossom viewing in late March to early April and autumn foliage in late November to early December are just two examples of the seasonal attractions the park offers. The park also has an illumination event from late November to late December, which showcases music and projection mapping.

Visitors to the park can take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle by relaxing on the park’s benches and enjoying the shade, or even using it as a pit stop while running the Imperial Palace.

In essence, Wadakura Fountain Park is a must-see attraction for anyone seeking to experience the serenity, cultural richness, and natural beauty of Japanese culture in the heart of Tokyo.

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