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[Kanagawa] Yokohama Hammerhead (横浜ハンマーヘッド): Pinnacle of Multifaceted Excellence – Luxurious Passenger Ship Terminal

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Yokohama Hammerhead: Where History, Culture, and Luxury Converge

In the heart of Yokohama, a remarkable destination awaits: the Yokohama Hammerhead. This multifaceted masterpiece, unveiled in October 2019, is a tapestry of experiences. At its core lies a passenger ship terminal, an emblem of international allure, where customs, culture, and commerce converge.

This architectural gem derives its name from the terminal’s roof, curiously reminiscent of a hammerhead shark’s shape. As you stroll through its corridors, the echoes of Yokohama’s rich history and maritime traditions come to life. Tiles adorning the exterior walls paint a vivid portrait of the port town’s bygone days. Meanwhile, the hotel’s lobby pays homage to Art Nouveau, harking back to Yokohama’s emergence onto the global stage.

The Yokohama Hammerhead is a captivating destination known for its features. The Passenger Ship Terminal offers luxury voyages to global destinations, complete with customs, immigration, and a Seabus ticket counter. The rooftop provides panoramic views of Yokohama Harbor. Additionally, the Hammerhead SHOP & RESTAURANT is a culinary paradise with over 20 eateries showcasing Yokohama’s gastronomic treasures, along with souvenir shops and the “Marine FM” radio studio.

This gem stands as Yokohama’s focal point, weaving history and culture together while orchestrating a myriad of experiences and offering effortless accessibility. Explore Yokohama’s past and future in a captivating dance at the Yokohama Hammerhead.

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