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[Aomori] Sai Village (青森県下北郡佐井村): Known for its Natural Beauty and Cultural Preservation

Unforgettable Beauty, Rich Heritage

Located on the western coast of the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, Sai is a picturesque village with a fascinating history dating back to ancient times. The village is renowned for its spectacular natural beauty, especially the Hotokegaura rock formations, which have been artistically sculpted by the sea into remarkable figures resembling Buddhas, animals, and humans.

Sai Village is not only a haven for nature lovers but also an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, and surfing. The village boasts several attractions, including the Tsugaru Kaikyo Bunkakan Arusas museum, which exhibits the rich history and culture of the Tsugaru Strait, and the Kyu Mikamike Jutaku, a historical house that once belonged to a wealthy merchant family during the Edo period.

What truly sets Sai Village apart, however, is its unwavering dedication to preserving its natural and historical heritage. The village has earned recognition as one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan for its endeavors to conserve its environment, promote its local products and tourism, and organize a diverse range of festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Sai Hotokegaura Festival in July, which showcases local artists and offers spectacular fireworks.

Although Sai Village may not be as widely known as other tourist destinations in Japan, its distinctive and authentic offerings make it a worthwhile visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable and genuine experience.

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