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[Tokyo] Akihabara Food Guide: Five Best Ramen Restaurants in Akihabara You Must Visit

In Akihabara, five standout ramen spots offer unique experiences. Tanaka Sobaten bustles with Chuka Soba featuring Kitakata-style noodles and subtly seasoned pork bone broth, accompanied by slow-cooked pork belly chashu and optional toppings like Seabura and Shantou. Aoshima Shokudo charms with traditional soy-based soup infused with Nagaoka ginger, set amidst Showa era-inspired decor. Spice Ramen Manriki caters to spice lovers with its 14-spice-infused soup, customizable with toppings such as cilantro and chashu. Fukunoken specializes in affordable tonkotsu ramen, known for its rich broth. Kasugatei Akihabara draws long queues for its exceptional ramen and abura soba, featuring dishes like Tori-Buta tare soup and Yogan Tan-Tan Men, conveniently located near Akihabara Station.

Tanaka Sobaten (中華そば専門 田中そば店 秋葉原店)

The Tanaka Sobaten Akihabara Branch is a popular spot in Akihabara known for its crowded atmosphere. Most patrons prefer the Chuka Soba, featuring Kitakata-style noodles with a balanced texture and a pork bone broth seasoned subtly with salt. The slow-cooked pork belly chashu topping adds richness, and diners can enhance their experience with complimentary Seabura (pork back fat) and table-side Shantou (blended chili peppers). Additionally, the restaurant offers an Akayu-style spicy miso ramen from Yamagata Prefecture, featuring a mild miso broth with added spice for a unique taste.

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Aoshima Shokudo Akihabara Branch (青島食堂 秋葉原店)

Aoshima Shokudo Akihabara Branch, an offshoot of the famous Nagaoka City restaurant, has been a hit in Akihabara since it opened in July 2009. Located in the heart of Akihabara, it offers a unique blend of tradition and charm, drawing crowds with its special soy-based soup infused with Nagaoka ginger. The star dish is their carefully crafted pork bone soy broth paired with medium-thick noodles, creating a delightful experience in every slurp. The interior design takes patrons back to the Showa era, adding to its appeal for ramen enthusiasts. Acting as a culinary ambassador, it introduces the flavors of Nagaoka City to Akihabara, enriching Japan’s ramen scene. More than just a restaurant, it’s a must-visit for ramen lovers seeking tradition and nostalgia.

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Spice Ramen Manriki Akihabara (スパイス・ラー麺 卍力 秋葉原店)

Spice Ramen Manriki offers a unique dining experience for spice enthusiasts. Originating from the successful main branch in Nishi-Kasai, this spot opened in August 2019. Their signature dish, Spice Ramen, features a flavorful soup made from chicken, pork, and fish, infused with 14 spices for a rich aroma and satisfying tanginess. You can customize your ramen with extras like cilantro, extra spice, and toppings like chashu, bean sprouts, and broccoli. The restaurant’s ethnic interior and Indian folk music add to its charm. For those not keen on cilantro, chopped green onions are available as a substitute. Don’t miss out on this addictive and flavorful dish if you’re in the mood for something bold and different.

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Fukunoken Akihabara (豚骨らーめん 福の軒 秋葉原店)

Fukunoken, a renowned ramen shop in Akihabara, opened its doors in 2011 and quickly gained a following among ramen enthusiasts. Their signature dish, tonkotsu ramen, features a rich broth that has become popular in the Akihabara area. The menu offers a diverse selection of ramen options, including specialty dishes and extra noodles. Fukunoken’s appeal lies in its balance of affordability and taste, conveniently located near the station. For fans of tonkotsu ramen, Fukunoken is a must-visit destination for quality and affordable dining.

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Kasugatei Akihabara (春日亭 秋葉原店)

The Kasugatei Akihabara Branch, established in 2013, is a beloved spot in Akihabara known for its exceptional ramen and abura soba. Specializing in these two dishes, it has earned praise from locals and tourists alike, boasting a unique style and dedication to quality. One of its highlights is the Tori-Buta tare soup, simmered for two days and made with premium soy sauce from a century-old brewery. The Yogan Tan-Tan Men is a popular item on its menu. Located on Akihabara’s Junk Street, it often has long queues, but it’s just a three-minute walk from Akihabara Station, making it a must-visit for ramen and abura soba enthusiasts in the area.

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