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[Tokyo] The Best Gyoza Restaurants in Kameido, Relatively Close to the Iconic Tokyo Skytree

Experience a gyoza adventure in Kameido, Tokyo, with standout restaurants like Kameido Gyoza Honten, established in 1953 near JR Kameido Station, offering a charming dumpling experience and a unique billing method based on the height of your gyoza tower. Fujiiya, near Kameido Station, stands out for its handmade, pan-fried dumplings, including the notable Cheese Gyoza. Gyoza Sakaba Himitsu Kichi, an izakaya near JR Kameido Station, offers a whimsical ambiance and unique gyoza options. Conveniently close to the iconic Tokyo Skytree, Kameido is easily accessible via the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line from Oshiage Station or a leisurely stroll along the Sumida River, providing a delightful gastronomic experience.

Kameido Gyoza Honten (亀戸餃子 本店)

Kameido Gyoza Honten, established in 1953, is a charming gyoza restaurant near JR Kameido Station. Their menu is simple, offering gyoza and drinks. The golden rule is two plates per person, and as you finish one plate, the next arrives. Stack your emptied plates for a unique billing method based on your gyoza tower’s height. It’s a delightful dumpling adventure at Kameido Gyoza Honten.

Fujiiya (藤井屋)

Fujiiya, a specialty gyoza restaurant near Kameido Station in Tokyo, stands out for its handmade, set meals of pan-fried dumplings. Unlike nearby Kameido Gyoza, which focuses solely on gyoza plates, Fujiiya offers a more diverse menu with six gyoza types. The standout dish is the Yaki-Gyoza Zenpin Mori, featuring four sought-after varieties. Notable is the Cheese Gyoza, adorned with cheese for a crispy exterior and a rich, cheese-infused filling. The restaurant also provides various condiments at each table, enhancing the dining experience.

Gyoza Sakaba Himitsu Kichi (餃子酒場 秘密基地)

Gyoza Sakaba Himitsu Kichi is an izakaya near JR Kameido Station, offering a whimsical ambiance for adults to relive their youth. Try the standout “Maruhi Gyoza,” made with locally sourced Iwachu pork, and other delightful options like “Puripuri Ebi Gyoza” and “Otsumami Negi Wantan” for a unique gastronomic adventure. Known for its distinct atmosphere resembling a secret childhood hideout, the place is conveniently located just a two-minute walk from Kameido Station’s north exit.

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