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[Tokyo] Buta Daigaku Shimbashi (豚大学 新橋校舎): A Specialty Restaurant for Buta Donburi (Pork Bowl) Always Draws Long Lines During Lunch Hours


Pork Paradise: Buta Daigaku Shimbashi’s Culinary Symphony

Buta Daigaku Shimbashi is just a leisurely two-minute stroll from Shimbashi Station. This gastronomic haven is renowned for crafting pork bowl masterpieces that redefine culinary delight. Imagine succulent pork belly, meticulously seasoned and bathed in a tantalizing savory-sweet sauce, expertly seared to aromatic perfection. Witness the “Buta Daigaku Graduate School” – a dish available in sizes ranging from dainty to the jaw-dropping one-kilogram marvel.

What sets this establishment apart is the immersive experience it promises. Envision an intimate setting adorned with only 13 counter seats, exuding a cozy charm that envelops you upon entry. The staff, known for their warmth and cheerfulness, coupled with a devoted legion of regulars, creates an atmosphere that feels like a welcoming embrace. Buta Daigaku Shimbashi isn’t just a restaurant; it stands as an irresistible sanctuary for pork bowl enthusiasts. Here, immerse yourself in the juicy and fragrant qualities of the dish, dance with the harmonious symphony of sweet and savory notes in the sauce with the rice, and embark on a tantalizing journey through a diverse array of tempting toppings.

  • Name: Buta Daigaku Shimbashi
  • Address: 1F New Shimbashi Building, 2-16-1 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone: +81-(0)3-5512-3121
  • Hours: Monday through Friday 07:00 – 21:45 / Saturday and Sundays 16:30 – 20:15
  • Closed On: the second Sunday of an odd-numbered month
  • Number of Seats: 13
  • Budget: – JPY1,000 
  • Payment Options: Cash Only

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