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Kaneko Hannosuke (金子半之助): Renowned Japanese Eatery Famed for Its Signature Tendon Tempura Delicacies

Kaneko Hannosuke

Kaneko Hannosuke’s Edo-Style Tempura Legacy

Kaneko Hannosuke is a luminary in Japanese cuisine, dedicated to preserving Japan’s culinary heritage, particularly the Edo-style tempura. Hailing from Asakusa, he firmly believes that the heart of Japanese culture beats within its diverse flavors. Before the war, Hannosuke crafted a secret sauce, now a crucial element in his meticulously prepared tempura, ensuring the continuation of the Edo-style tradition for generations to come.

The ‘Edomae Tendon’ steals the spotlight, a visual feast with its conger eel, shrimp, squid, and half-cooked eggs. Every detail matters, from the tempura dipping sauce to the pickles and miso soup, ensuring an unwavering enjoyment of rice until the very last bite.

Hannosuke’s influence extends far beyond Japan, with establishments leaving their mark overseas. For the latest updates on locations and operating hours, explore the official website. Indulge in the renowned extravagant tempura rice bowl, where high-temperature sesame oil-fried tempura, a proprietary bowl sauce, and a harmonious rice blend converge for a sublime culinary adventure.

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