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Torikizoku (鳥貴族): Savory Yakitori Delights at Unbeatable Prices!

Discover the Yakitori Craze: Torikizoku Expands Across Japan’s Metropolises

Torikizoku has been steadily expanding its presence to the metropolitan cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Okinawa. The establishment takes pride in its economical pricing approach, offering all items, including locally sourced chicken and beverages, for a reasonable fee of 360 yen (inclusive of tax).

The restaurant’s secret sauce, a proprietary blend that enhances the flavor of the yakitori, is meticulously crafted in-house, utilizing whole chickens that are simmered with an assortment of fruits and vegetables to impart a natural taste. This savory mixture, handed down from the inception of the restaurant, is an integral part of the dining experience. The 90g “Kizoku-yaki” skewer, which features ample portions of chicken thigh and negi (green onion), can be seasoned with one of three options: tare, salt, or spices. This item, three times larger than the average skewer, is the most sought-after menu offering.

Torikizoku offers a feast-style celebration package called the Toriki Bansankai, which offers guests a two-hour all-inclusive dining and drinking experience. This service is available at all locations for a cost of 3,500 yen per person, including taxes. However, there are conditions for using this service, such as the need to make a reservation by phone or online the day before, and a minimum of four adults with a minimum age of junior high school.

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