Hambagu: Hamburger Steak Adapted for Japanese Tastes

Hambagu, Japanese Hamburger steak, is an indispensable part of the Japanese dining table. The name “hambagu” is said to have originated from its birthplace in Hamburg Germany. Hambagu became popular in Japan in the 1960s during the period of rapid economic growth. Made from a blend of ground beef/pork, onions, bread crumbs, eggs, and seasonings, it was cheaper than buying a comparable lump of meat.  

Hambagu can be enjoyed in many variations, such as the classic demi-glace sauce, Italian style with tomato sauce, or Japanese style with grated daikon. Overseas, there is almost no such thing as a hamburger steak; in Europe and the United States, hamburger sandwiches are the mainstream. Hambagu, like ramen, tonkatsu, and curry, are dishes that came from overseas and have been adapted to suit Japanese tastes.

Ikebukuro is not only famous for being a fierce battleground for ramen, but also for hambagu restaurants. In this note we will introduce two popular hambagu restaurants in Ikebukuro.  

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