[Chiba] SANU 2nd Home Subscription: Coastal Living in Harmony with Nature at Ichinomiya, Chiba


SANU Ichinomiya 1st: A Harmonious Haven Seamlessly Blending Nature and Urban Living

In Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture, discover the allure of ‘SANU Ichinomiya 1st’—a subscription service seamlessly blending nature and urban living. This innovative row house and maisonette structure is a harmonious fusion of city life and nature, creating a compact haven for living, leisure, and work. Nestled by the sea, ‘SANU Ichinomiya 1st’ embraces the unique coastal culture, providing a hub for marine sports enthusiasts with well-equipped shops like ‘Overview Coffee Ichinomiya’ and a members-only coworking space, ‘Soil Work Ichinomiya.’ From a Japanese real estate perspective, the charm lies in its architecture, proposing a lifestyle in harmony with nature. The interior, adorned with natural materials, offers a space in tune with the environment.


Explore the architecture of ‘SANU Ichinomiya 1st,’ a testament to harmonizing with nature, offering an appealing lifestyle amidst natural surroundings. The centrally positioned kitchen, equipped with condiments and cutlery, reflects the seamless transition between the existing and new building specifications. The strategically located bathroom, complete with a bathtub, ensures a refreshing experience after surfing or seaside adventures.


Enter ‘Sanu,’ a subscription service offering a villa-like ‘second home’ in nature on a monthly basis. Starting at ¥55,000, subscribers gain access to ‘SANU 2nd Home’ properties across Japan, including Yatsugatake and Ichinomiya. These structures, set in naturally beautiful locations, allow residents to appreciate changing seasons with forests, seas, and lakes. Prioritizing sustainability, SANU 2nd Home fosters a delightful living experience amidst nature, with fees covering accommodation, cleaning, and management—no initial costs required. Unlock this natural haven by registering for SANU 2nd Home services.


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