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[Osaka] Matsuya (立ち食いうどんそば 松屋): The Best Standing Udon/Soba Venue in Jan Jan Yokocho Alley in Shinsekai

Matsuya: A Culinary Journey Through Showa-Era Charms and Affordability in Shinsekai

Nestled in the lively Shinsekai district, Matsuya stands as a venerable haven for noodles and soba, rooted in the Showa era. Originating as a go-to spot for laborers seeking affordable, swift, and delightful meals in the vibrant streets of Shinsekai, it aligns itself with Osaka’s iconic landmarks like Tsutenkaku and Janjan Yokocho—a beloved haven preserving the nostalgic allure of downtown Osaka.

Undoubtedly, Matsuya’s standout feature is its affordability. Boasting a wallet-friendly menu, it offers kakesoba and kakeudon at a modest 170 yen, and kakiage or tempura soba and udon at an enticing 250 yen. Beyond the price tag, the Kansai-style preparation of udon and soba ensures a delicate texture, coupled with a soy-based broth for a refreshing palate.

Matsuya’s charm extends to its Showa-era ambiance and the welcoming nature of its proprietor. The interior, featuring an L-shaped standing counter around the kitchen, maintains tradition with few embellishments, such as liquid crystal televisions on the walls. The star of the show, the Special, priced at 470 yen, features udon or soba adorned with shrimp tempura, meat, and egg—Matsuya’s iconic dish celebrated for its generous serving. Freshly fried tempura, thinly sliced pork, and a softly cooked egg create a symphony with the broth, elevating the flavors of udon and soba. While a delight for Matsuya aficionados and hearty eaters, newcomers or those with smaller appetites may find it a tad overwhelming.

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