City Hotels versus Business Hotels

City Hotels versus Business Hotels: What’s the Difference for Your Japan Trip?

Are you planning to travel to Japan and are wondering about the difference between city hotels and business hotels? While legally, there is no clear distinction between these two types of accommodations, they are generally identified based on their functional attributes.

Business hotels, as the name suggests, cater primarily to business travelers and focus on providing affordable lodging without the frills. These hotels keep amenities and services minimalistic, resulting in lower accommodation rates.

In contrast, city hotels offer a diverse range of facilities and services to accommodate a variety of guests looking for comfort in the heart of the city. Along with restaurants and bars, they provide fitness centers, spas, and other aesthetic facilities, which come at a higher cost.

It’s worth noting that the classification of hotels in Japan is unique, with business hotels being graded as “luxury,” “deluxe,” and “upper scale,” while city hotels have diverse gradations such as “upper middle,” “mid-scale,” “economy,” and “budget.” So, the next time you plan your stay in Japan, keep in mind the functional attributes that set these two types of hotels apart!

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