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[Tokyo] The 5 Best Museums in Shibuya Ward That You Should Visit

shoto museum

Numerous art galleries enhance the beauty of Shibuya ward. Your decision on where to go depends on your preferences. Dishes Japan warmly recommends exploring these museums in the area.

The Shoto Museum of Art (松濤美術館)

The Shoto Museum of Art in Shibuya, Tokyo, designed by architect Seiichi Shirai, stands as a vibrant haven since 1981, blending German expressionism and Bauhaus influences. Highlighted by a mesmerizing pool and fountain, the museum showcases works by artists like Edward Gorey and Hiroshi Sugimoto. Its distinctive architecture harmoniously merges geometric shapes and vibrant colors, offering an immersive experience. The museum provides amenities, guided tours, and art classes, presenting diverse exhibitions celebrating themes such as childhood, animals, stage arts, and Japanese culture. Seiichi Shirai’s original sketches reveal the genius behind the museum, embodying a commitment to fostering art appreciation and understanding.

Yamatane Museum of Art (山種美術館):

The Yamatane Museum of Art in Tokyo’s Hiroo district is a unique sanctuary dedicated exclusively to Nihonga, blending traditional and innovative Japanese paintings. Founded in 1966 by Taneji Yamazaki, it moved to its current location in 2009, featuring an architectural masterpiece by Kengo Kuma. The museum preserves over 1,800 Nihonga works, hosts themed exhibitions, and offers educational programs. It celebrates revered artists, such as Hayami Gyoshu and Yokoyama Taikan, and extends its mission beyond preservation to educate and inspire contemporary expression of Nihonga. The museum also features Cafe Tsubaki and a shop with original goods.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art (太田記念美術館)

ota museum

The Seizo Ota Memorial Museum of Art exhibits a vast collection of over 14,000 Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, compiled by businessman Seizo Ota. Ukiyo-e, portraying Edo-period scenes, kabuki actors, and courtesans, showcase the diversity and dynamic nature of this traditional Japanese art form.

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Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum (岡本太郎記念館)

okamoto taro

The Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, situated in the artist’s home and studio, showcases the works of the prolific Japanese artist Taro Okamoto (d:1996). Designed by architect Junzo Sakakura, the museum, house, studio, and garden are noteworthy attractions in themselves.

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Nezu Museum (根津美術館)

nezu museum

The Nezu Museum in Tokyo features around 7,400 Japanese and East Asian antiques, including National Treasures and Important Cultural Properties. The collection includes paintings, calligraphy, and ceramics. Visitors can explore a Japanese garden, and the museum offers a café and shop for additional enjoyment.

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