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[Tokyo] The 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Shibuya

Dive into Tokyo’s vibrant shopping hub, Shibuya – a premier tourist destination with energetic streets and the iconic Shibuya Crossing. Renowned as a shopping haven, Shibuya, partnered with stylish Harajuku, is Tokyo’s epicenter of youthful and trendy culture. It’s not just a shopping spree; it’s a cultural journey pulsating with coolness, attracting the fashion-forward.

Shibuya’s streets aren’t just pathways; they’re runways showcasing cutting-edge trends. From chic boutiques to avant-garde designer stores, Shibuya is a diverse retail therapy haven. Each store tells a unique story, making Shibuya Tokyo’s go-to for fashion enthusiasts.

Beyond shopping, Shibuya is a cultural hub where tradition meets modernity. Its infectious energy is felt exploring streets blending traditional charm with contemporary flair. In Tokyo’s grand symphony of districts, Shibuya stands alone – a solo resonating with youthfulness and trendsetting. Ready for a unique shopping experience? Shibuya awaits as Tokyo’s unrivaled heartbeat of style.

Shibuya 109 (渋谷109)

shibuya 109

Shibuya 109, located in Tokyo’s Dogenzaka district, is a renowned fashion building established in 1979. Conceived by architect Minoru Takeyama, it initially focused on men’s fashion but evolved to embrace women’s styles in the 1980s. The gal culture boom in the 1990s solidified its status as a hub for enthusiasts. With around 120 stores offering diverse products, it is a cultural epicenter with collaborations with magazines like “Ranzuki” and “egg.” Beyond fashion, Shibuya 109 is a global attraction, shaping Japan’s fashion industry and continually influencing trends.

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Shibuya Hikarie (渋谷ヒカリエ)


Shibuya Hikarie is a 34-story tower complex in Tokyo, opened in April 2012. It includes offices, commercial spaces, a musical theater (Tokyu Theatre Orb), and cultural facilities. The lower floors feature dining and shopping, with Hikari ShinQs Shibuya occupying the 3rd floor. The upper floors offer office space, and there’s a Sky Lobby on the 11th floor providing a free panoramic view of Shibuya. Additionally, the third basement floor is directly connected to Tokyu Toyoku and Tokyo Metro lines.

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Shibuya Scramble Square (渋谷スクランブルスクエア)


Shibuya Scramble Square, connected to Shibuya station, is a 47-floor tower with shopping and dining on lower floors, offices and event spaces on upper floors, and an observation deck (Shibuya Sky) at approximately 230 meters. The 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo is accessible via a unique “Transition Pod” elevator to the 45th floor and further to an outdoor observation space (Sky Stage) on the 46th floor. Additionally, there’s an indoor observation corridor (Sky Gallery) and a rooftop bar (The Roof Shibuya Sky) for enjoying the view with a cocktail.

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Shibuya Stream (渋谷ストリーム)

shibuya stream

Shibuya Stream, a large commercial complex opened in September 2018, is situated in the area of the former Shibuya station on the Tokyu Toyoko line. The 35-story high-rise complex includes shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, offices (including the Google Japan head office), a hotel (Excel Hotel Tokyu), and concert halls. The Shibuya River, featuring a man-made waterfall, flows alongside the complex, offering a serene water and light scenery.

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Miyashita Park (ミヤシタパーク)

Miyashita Park, located in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, has evolved from a ground-level sanctuary in 1953 to Tokyo’s first elevated park in 1966. After a transformation between 2017 and 2020, it now stands as a multifaceted commercial facility with a prime location between Shibuya and Harajuku/Omotesando. The park integrates nature, commerce, and hospitality, featuring green lawns, a bouldering wall, and a skateboarding domain. With around 90 stores, the commercial area offers a blend of fashion, music, and culinary experiences. The park, deeply rooted in Japanese culture, underwent legal battles and a transformation into a paid-entry space involving Nike Japan and Shibuya Ward. Now known as the new Miyashita Park, it symbolizes Shibuya’s diversity and creativity. Located a short stroll from Shibuya Station and a 15-minute walk from Harajuku Station, Miyashita Park stands as an illustrious landmark showcasing the vibrant expressions of the next generation.

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Shibuya Mark City (渋谷マークシティ)

Nestled at the heart of Shibuya, the marvel that is Shibuya Mark City effortlessly intertwines with the bustling Shibuya Station. Imagine a vibrant hub where a fusion of experiences awaits – from chic boutiques and delectable dining to a sophisticated hotel and workspace haven. Launched into existence in April 2000, Shibuya Mark City unfolds as a sanctuary tailored for the modern woman, weaving partnerships with the prestigious Keio Electric Railway.

Venture inside, and you’ll encounter a treasure trove of 65 carefully curated shops and restaurants. Fashionistas, trendsetters, and those in pursuit of lifestyle indulgences will find their haven amidst the diverse offerings spanning fashion, sundries, and beyond. Elevating the allure is the iconic Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, adding an extra layer of sophistication to this multifaceted destination.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Shibuya Mark City isn’t just a local gem; it’s strategically woven into the fabric of Tokyo’s major railway arteries – JR, Tokyo Metro, Tokyu, and Keio. And for those with wheels or wheels in motion, fear not – the City boasts expansive parking facilities and orchestrates seamless high-speed bus connections. In essence, Shibuya Mark City isn’t just a place; it’s a dynamic convergence point where convenience, style, and innovation dance together in perfect harmony.

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shibuya parco

Shibuya Parco stands as Tokyo’s colossal commercial haven. Unveiled in 1973, this architectural gem underwent a transformative hiatus from 2016 to 2019. As Parco’s flagship, it serves as a cultural epicenter, seamlessly merging fashion, art, and entertainment across ten distinctive floors.

From the chic ‘Chaos Kitchen’ on the ground floor to the futuristic ‘Cyberspace Shibuya’ on the sixth, each level boasts a unique theme. Dive into globally acclaimed fashion on the first floor, while tech enthusiasts revel in digital delights on the sixth. The eighth floor is a cultural haven, featuring a theater, cinema, and gallery.

A crown jewel within Shibuya Parco is the inaugural Nintendo store, “Nintendo TOKYO.” Immerse yourself in gaming, character merchandise, and immersive experiences. Ascend to the “ROOFTOP PARK,” a verdant oasis atop Shibuya Parco, hosting events and markets amid lush greenery. Explore, indulge, and redefine your shopping experience at Shibuya Parco!

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Tokyu Hands (東急ハンズ)

Tokyu Hands is an expansive emporium offering a myriad of products, ranging from household essentials to stationery, tools, and crafting supplies. In the heart of Shibuya, discover not one but two havens: Hands Shibuya and Hands Shibuya Scramble Square. The former beckons with a mere 8-minute stroll from JR Shibuya Station’s Hachiko exit, while the latter graces the 10th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square, seamlessly linked to Shibuya Station.

Both destinations boast the enchanting HANDS DO zone, dedicated to immersive experiences and workshops. Engage in hands-on crafting, participate in DIY workshops, explore new product launches, and indulge in a spectrum of experiential activities in this captivating space.

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Shibuya Loft (渋谷ロフト)

shibuya loft

Shibuya Loft is a sanctuary for domestic treasures nestled in a magnificent seven-story building, just a leisurely five-minute walk from Shibuya Station. Behold an astonishing assortment of approximately 80,000 items, spanning stationery, timepieces, accessories, cosmetics, healthcare essentials, kitchenware, and interior embellishments. Explore the emporium’s diverse realms, where you will encounter items radiating a uniquely Japanese aura and an abundance of distinctive gifts and mementos. Immerse yourself in a captivating experience with exclusive events and collaborations, promising a constant tapestry of fresh revelations for our esteemed patrons.

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Tokyu Plaza Shibuya (東急プラザ渋谷)

shibuya tokyu plaza

Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, a shopping center near Shibuya Station’s west exit, opened in 1968, temporarily closed in 2017, and rejuvenated in December 2019. Designed as an upscale haven, it features a diverse range of establishments, including fashion boutiques, miscellaneous goods stores, and restaurants, spanning floors 2 through 8. Highlights include “BEAMS JAPAN” and “Kaneko Optical” on the second floor, “COTOMONOMARCHE” and “CREAM STUDIO” on the third, and specialty stores like “@aroma” and “Paperglass TOKYO” on the fourth. The fifth to eighth floors offer travel services, insurance consultation, unique dining experiences, and a rooftop garden with serene views of Shibuya.

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