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[Osaka] Dotonbori Glico Sign (道頓堀グリコサイン) Review: Discover Osaka’s Secret Spot

Osaka’s Enchanting Glico Sign: A Captivating Icon of History and Delight

Amidst the vibrant streets of Dotonbori, Osaka, stands an iconic landmark that embodies the legacy of Ezaki Glico – the illustrious Glico sign. This towering billboard proudly showcases the runner’s emblem, a symbol now revered as one of Osaka’s most alluring tourist attractions.

Steeped in history, this captivating sign has witnessed a fascinating journey through time. From its inception back in 1935 to its current 6th generation, the Glico sign has undergone numerous metamorphoses, each a testament to its enduring popularity.

As twilight descends upon the bustling streets, the Glico sign emerges in all its splendor, illuminated to cast a radiant glow upon the night. A mesmerizing dance of colors unfolds, enchanting all who gaze upon its brilliance.

And oh, the joy it brings! Strike a pose before this majestic symbol, capturing the moment forever in a photograph – a cherished memory to hold dear.

But the journey does not end here. Having feasted your eyes upon the Glico sign’s magnificence, let your taste buds embark on a culinary adventure in Dotonbori. Relish the delectable cuisine that abounds, savoring each bite as a symphony of flavors dances upon your palate.

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Jiyuken Namba Honten (自由軒 難波本店): Discover the Ultimate Curry Haven near Dotonbori’s Iconic Glico Sign!

Jiyuken, a restaurant in Osaka’s Namba district, has been serving Western-style cuisine for over 110 years. The restaurant is famous for its Meibutsu Curry, which includes curry served with a raw egg on top. The key to its flavor is the two-day simmered soup made from chicken bones, beef tendons, tomato sauce, and curry powder. Besides the signature dish, Jiyuken offers a variety of reasonably priced Western-style dishes, making it a nostalgic and historical dining experience in Osaka.

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