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[Osaka] Jiyuken Namba Honten (自由軒 難波本店): Osaka’s Timeless Curry Tradition

Experience 110 Years of Western-style Cuisine at Jiyuken, Home of Osaka’s Famous Curry Dish

Step into the heart of Osaka’s Namba district and you’ll find a restaurant that’s been serving up Western-style cuisine for over 110 years. Jiyuken, established in 1910 during the Meiji era, was the first of its kind in Osaka and remains in its original location on Namba Sennichimae. As you step inside, you’ll be enveloped in the lively atmosphere of the Namba Center Gai shopping district, just a 3-minute walk from Namba subway station.

But what really draws people to Jiyuken is its famous curry, a dish so popular that tourists often line up for a taste. Jiyuken was the first to introduce the method of serving curry with a raw egg on top, a trend that quickly spread throughout the Kansai region. The signature dish, “Meibutsu Curry,” is a mouthwatering blend of roux, rice, beef, and onions mixed with a special soup made from chicken bones and beef tendons, tomato sauce, and curry powder. The key to its rich, complex flavor is the soup, simmered for two days to perfection.

When the dish arrives, take a moment to savor the curry rice on its own, enjoying the rich flavor of the broth and the refreshing aroma of the curry. Then, crush the egg in the center and mix it in with the rest of the dish, pouring over the sauce for the perfect balance of richness and spiciness. It’s a culinary experience that has stood the test of time.

However, Jiyuken is not limited to just its signature curry dish; it also provides an assortment of reasonably priced Western-style cuisine. Thus, if you happen to be in Osaka, indulge in a nostalgic experience and relish the historical flavors at Jiyuken.

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