Best Restaurants in Tokyo

Best Restaurants in Ueno | Tokyo

With an overwhelming number of restaurants to choose from, we are happy to direct you to the best restaurants in Tokyo. 

Ramen Kamo to Negi (らーめん 鴨to葱)

The restaurant is tucked away under the elevated train tracks between JR Ueno and Okachimachi stations.

Ponta Honke (ぽん多本家)

The restaurant is few blocks away from Matsuzakaya Ueno, a department store just a short walk from Tokyo Metro Ueno Okachimachi station. It is a roughly 10-minute walk from JR Ueno station.

Torie Ueno Hirokoji (鳥恵 上野広小路店)

The restaurant is tucked away in a back alley right next to Sotetsu Fresa Inn, Ueno Okachimachi.

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