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[Nagasaki] Inorinooka Ehon Museum (祈りの丘 絵本美術館)

Inorinooka Ehon Museum

Enchanting Tales: Discover the World of Picture Books

Inorinooka Ehon Museum is a haven dedicated to the captivating world of picture books and their original illustrations. This hidden gem awaits atop a picturesque hill in Nagasaki’s Minamiyamate area, surrounded by a rich tapestry of historical landmarks, including the revered Oura Catholic Church and the delightful Glover Garden.

As you step inside, a sight reminiscent of a charming Western-style house greets you, complete with a tiled roof that pays homage to the influence of British picture book culture in the 19th century, seamlessly entwined with Japan’s unique development of Western-style architecture.

Prepare for a mesmerizing journey through the museum’s treasure trove, where an exquisite collection of picture books and their original illustrations awaits. Carefully curated, these literary gems encompass timeless masterpieces and beloved classics, cherished by young and old alike.

Immerse yourself in the captivating array of special exhibitions hosted by the Inorinooka Ehon Museum. These immersive displays delve into the world of picture books, showcasing the brilliant minds behind them, the mesmerizing illustrations that bring the pages to life, and the diverse themes and genres that ignite our imaginations.

At the heart of the museum’s mission lies a desire to present picture books as a harmonious fusion of literature and painting—an art form that transcends boundaries. By showcasing their artistic value and cultural diversity, the museum seeks to foster a deep appreciation for this remarkable medium.

Prepare to be captivated by an array of engaging programs and events tailored for all ages. Delight in workshops, lectures, concerts, and enchanting storytelling sessions that transport you to the magical realm of picture books.

The significance of the Inorinooka Ehon Museum extends far beyond its enchanting halls. It stands as one of Japan’s rare museums wholly dedicated to picture books, emphasizing their profound importance as vessels of artistic expression and cultural transmission. Nestled within Nagasaki, a city celebrated for its rich history of international exchange and cultural diversity, the museum embodies this vibrant tapestry. Through its curated selection of picture books from diverse countries and regions, the museum embraces Nagasaki’s identity as a hub of cultural intersection.

Perched atop a hill offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Nagasaki Harbor and the sprawling cityscape, the museum holds a deeper historical significance. This very hill, known as “the hill of prayer,” once served as a sanctuary for persecuted Christians during the Edo period. It is from this poignant past that the museum derives its name, evoking a profound wish for peace and harmony.

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