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[Nagasaki] Inori Hill Picture Book Museum (祈りの丘 絵本美術館): An Art Museum Located Very Close to Oura Cathedral in Nagasaki

Inorinooka Ehon Museum

Enchanting Tales: Discover the World of Picture Books

The Inori Hill Picture Book Museum, located in Nagasaki’s Minamiyamate area, celebrates the world of picture books and their original illustrations. Set atop a picturesque hill amid historical landmarks like Oura Catholic Church and Glover Garden, the museum resembles a charming Western-style house with a nod to 19th-century British picture book culture.

Inside, visitors encounter a curated collection of timeless picture book masterpieces, showcasing the harmonious fusion of literature and painting. Special exhibitions explore the minds behind the books, the captivating illustrations, and the diverse themes that spark imaginations.

The museum’s mission is to highlight picture books as an art form transcending boundaries, fostering appreciation for their artistic value and cultural diversity. Engaging programs and events cater to all ages, featuring workshops, lectures, concerts, and enchanting storytelling sessions that transport attendees to the magical realm of picture books.

Beyond its enchanting halls, the museum holds significance as one of Japan’s rare institutions dedicated solely to picture books, emphasizing their importance as vessels of artistic expression and cultural transmission. Nestled in Nagasaki, a city known for its international exchange and cultural diversity, the museum reflects this identity by showcasing picture books from various countries.

Perched on a hill with a panoramic view of Nagasaki Harbor, the museum’s location holds historical significance as “the hill of prayer,” once a sanctuary for persecuted Christians during the Edo period. The museum’s name, derived from this history, embodies a profound wish for peace and harmony.

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