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[Tokyo] Shibuya Hikawa Jinja (渋谷氷川神社): Unveiling Love, Tradition, and Serenity in Tokyo

shibuya hikawa shrine

Journey to Shibuya Hikawa Jinja: Unveiling Tokyo’s Serene Heartland

Visit Shibuya Hikawa Jinja, a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Tokyo. Explore the intertwining realms of love and tradition, with roots tracing back to the valiant Yamato Takeru, a prince who fearlessly confronted the Emishi people.

Within these sacred grounds, find solace in the embrace of Susano-o-no-mikoto, the tempestuous god of storms, and his graceful consort, Inada-hime-mikoto, the nurturing goddess of agriculture. These revered deities hold influence over devoted souls, safeguarding their journey towards marital happiness.

Formerly known as Hikawa Daimyojin, this venerable haven protected the villages of Shimoshibuya and Toyozawa, which have now flourished as parts of Shibuya Ward. Resilient against the test of time, it emerged unharmed from the ravages of World War II, a testament to its enduring strength.

Embark on a serene journey through these sacred grounds, where tranquility blends with nature’s beauty. Encounter the enigmatic Akiba Jinja and Hachiman-sha, guarded by majestic koma-inu lion-dogs, while Itsukushima Jinja and Inari Jinja are adorned with mischievous kitsune foxes.

Immerse yourself in the lush oasis of the sanctuary, where echoes of the past resonate within the revered sumo ring. Once the stage for the illustrious Kinoe Sumo tournament, this sacred space now echoes with ancient rituals and joyful Shinto weddings.

Find solace beneath the protective branches of Tokiwa Matsu, a sacred pine tree steeped in legend. Just as the noblewoman Tokiwa Gozen sought refuge from the turbulent civil war, its wisdom and blessings endure throughout time.

Embark on a heartfelt journey into the realm of the shrine’s legendary matchmaking powers. Drawn by its magnetic charm, visitors seeking love and harmony flock to this sacred sanctuary. Discover an abundance of love charms and amulets, including coveted omamori protective charms, whimsical ema wooden plaques, fortuitous omikuji fortune slips, and mystical musubi-fuda paper strips. And don’t miss the enchanting Enmusubi Kigan-sai ceremony held on the fifteenth day of each month, where heartfelt prayers for romantic fulfillment resonate.

Indulge in the shrine’s vibrant array of goshuin stamps, artistic relics that reflect the passage of time, seasons, and festivals. These coveted stamps capture the essence of your visit and serve as cherished keepsakes for collectors and adventurous travelers. Experience the thrill of limited-edition goshuin, meticulously crafted to commemorate special occasions such as New Year’s Day, Setsubun, Hinamatsuri, Tanabata, and more.

Discover a haven of tranquility amidst Shibuya Hikawa Jinja’s exquisite grounds, where blooming trees and vibrant flowers provide respite from the city’s hectic pace. Throughout the year, immerse yourself in captivating events, from bustling flea markets to soul-stirring concerts and immersive workshops. Step into this harmonious realm and unlock the gateway to ancient traditions and unforgettable experiences.

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