Best Restaurants in Tokyo

Best Restaurants in Shinjuku | Tokyo

Come to Shinjuku, the ultimate shopping paradise and culinary haven that will mesmerize your senses. With an abundance of restaurants and izakayas that cater to all budgets, you will be spoilt for choice. But Shinjuku isn’t just a place to eat; it’s also a top tourist destination with a charm that will leave you breathless. Don’t miss out on Japan’s delectable cuisines, from affordable and scrumptious B-class dishes to high-end restaurants that will leave a dent in your wallet. Shinjuku’s food scene is extraordinary and caters to both foodies and sightseers. We have handpicked and will showcase some of the most popular and famous eateries in Shinjuku, so get ready for an unforgettable gastronomic journey!

Ibuki (伊吹)

Ibuki is located in an alley very close to Yamada Denki LABI Shinjuku, a consumer electronics retail chain. As finding this restaurant can be difficult, look for a sign saying “Three Bar.”  Make your way inside and go up to the second floor of the building.

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Yakiniku Onuki (焼肉 大貫)

The restaurant is located in Shinjuku 2-Chome. It is an equidistant walk from either Shinjuku Gyoenmae or Shinjuku Sanchome stations.

Yakiniku Onuki is a spin-off of the main branch located in Hamamatsu city in Fukuoka prefecture. Mr. Shun Satsumi, the owner-chef of the Shinjuku branch, grew up eating at the main branch in Hamamatsu city. Chef Satsumi achieved his dream of inheriting the methods that have long been a tradition in the main branch.

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Udon Shin (うどん 慎)

Udon Shin is located off the main street in Shinjuku in an alleyway. The small eatery is hidden from view in a lane near a police box.

Go through the white noren (curtain) at the entrance and you will see a cozy interior consisting of six counter seats and two tables. The restaurant only serves udon made from scratch: dough is rolled by hand with a rolling pin, then fed through a chopper where ribbons of udon fall onto a tray. Fresh udon, thick and square cut, is boiled upon your order. 

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Tonkatsu Narikura (とんかつ なりくら)

The restaurant is located very close to JR Takadanobaba station, just one stop away from JR Shinjuku station.

Narikura is highly-rated as attested by the long queue which extends from the basement stairway all the way to the small road beside the restaurant. Inside, there is a total of 18 seats including 6 counter seats and a table seats that sits up to 12 people. 

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Menya Sho Honten (麺屋 翔 本店)

Located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Menya Sho Honten specializes in shio (salt) ramen. Among the dozen ramen shops in Shinjuku, Menya Sho Honten is most often covered in restaurant magazines. The Nishi-Shinjuku area is primarily a residential area dotted with various restaurants, from washoku (traditional Japanese dishes) to izakayas (Japanese style pubs) and ramen shops.

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