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[Tokyo] Best Sushi in Tsukiji for an Astonishingly Cheap Lunch, Less than 1,000 Yen

Tsukiji Fish Market continues to attract a steady stream of tourists. The relocation to Toyosu Market only impacted the indoor section of Tsukiji Market, while the outdoor market remains in its original location. The outer market boasts a diverse array of dining and drinking options, offering a variety of culinary experiences, including fresh seafood, prepared dishes, and delightful sweets. Rich in history and culture, Tsukiji Market entices tourists with its venerable gourmet spots and traditional architecture. Both Toyosu Market and Tsukiji Market possess distinct charm. While Tsukiji is renowned for its exceptional sushi venues, Dishes Japan would like to highlight two sushi eateries where one can enjoy a satisfying lunch for under 1,000 yen.

Tsukiji Sushicho Honten (築地すし兆本店)

Tsukiji Sushicho Honten, located near Tsukiji Station, offers Edo-style sushi in a stand-up, casual setting. Despite being a high-end standing sushi spot, it is known for its excellent cost-performance ratio, attracting queues during lunch. The “Toyomi” menu, priced at 869 yen, features nine sushi pieces and seaweed soup, providing a rare combination of volume and quality at this price point in Tsukiji. Mackerel enthusiasts will appreciate the generous portion of mackerel sushi, showcasing the restaurant’s dedication to pleasing connoisseurs of this fish.

Tsukiji Suzutomi Sushi Tomi (つきじ鈴富 すし富)

Tsukiji Suzutomi Sushi Tomi is praised for its authenticity and Edo-style sushi artistry, led by Suzutomi, a specialized maestro from Tsukiji’s market. The restaurant emphasizes seasonally fresh, premium natural fish, offering a symphony of flavors with signature tuna and various seafood. As a direct wholesaler, it provides a unique pricing characteristic and elevates the dining experience with meticulously sourced toppings. A standout is the 990-yen sushi lunch, featuring seven nigiri pieces and a roll, showcasing culinary excellence at an affordable price. Located near Tsukiji Station, it invites patrons to a journey into the heart of sushi mastery.

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