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[Tokyo] Taniya (讃岐うどん 谷や): Authentic Sanuki Udon Delights near Tokyo City Air Terminal

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The Ultimate Haven for Authentic Sanuki Udon Connoisseurs

In the realm of culinary bliss, Taniya reigns supreme as an oasis for connoisseurs of authentic and flavorful Sanuki udon. The proprietor, honed through years of dedication at the esteemed “Moriya” in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, reverently follows the traditional Sanuki method known as the “Santate,” skillfully kneading, cutting, and boiling with precision. Step inside this haven, where an alluring L-shaped counter surrounds an open kitchen, offering patrons a front-row seat to the captivating spectacle of handcrafted noodles. And fear not, for the sizzling delights of fried dishes are served piping hot.

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Prepare to be enraptured by the signature elixir of Taniya—the “kake dashi” broth—a vessel crafted for the discerning palate, ensuring every drop is a gentle caress on the senses. With unwavering dedication, this flavorsome nectar is meticulously prepared daily for over four hours, harnessing the ocean’s bountiful treasures—dried baby sardines, kelp, and bonito flakes—without the taint of chemical seasonings or additives. Each ingredient dances in harmonious unity, elevating the broth’s essence to unparalleled heights.

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As dawn breaks over a tranquil Ningyocho, Taniya’s udon-making ritual commences, transcending mere mixing, as a bespoke formulation tailored to the season and climate unfurls. Amongst the favored choices of esteemed patrons, the illustrious “Kashiwa Tempura Tsuke Udon” holds sway. With three succulent pieces of chicken tempura and a trio of vegetable tempura, it beckons the most discerning palates. To heighten your culinary voyage, consider indulging in additional tempura toppings, customizing your experience to exquisite precision.

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