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[Tokyo] Sakaeyu (天然温泉 湯どんぶり 栄湯): Tattoo-Friendly Oasis – Minowa’s Eco-Conscious Public Bathhouse

Sakaeyu: Tokyo’s Eco-Friendly Oasis of Relaxation and Wellness

Sakaeyu is a public bathhouse situated in Taito Ward, Tokyo. Since 1979, it has harnessed solar power to heat water and employs LED lighting exclusively throughout its premises. Consequently, it has transformed into an environmentally conscious establishment, benefiting both the ecosystem and the local populace. The water utilized is drawn from natural hot springs, celebrated for their skin and hair-friendly attributes, ensuring a smooth complexion and lustrous hair.

The outdoor section boasts nanofine bubble baths and two pot baths nestled in the scenic backdrop. Indoors, patrons can indulge in microvibration baths, electric baths, jet aesthetic baths, sitting baths, and a high-concentration carbonated spring bath with barley rice stone, all infused with natural hot springs (containing weak alkaline metakisel acid). This diverse array of baths, catering to individual preferences, attracts not only locals but also newcomers, owing to its diverse offerings and eco-conscious ethos.

Of particular note are the detoxifying effects of the Himalayan rock salt sauna and the rejuvenating hot springs, which have resulted in a surge of returning visitors. It’s worth mentioning that individuals adorned with tattoos are also warmly welcomed!

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