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[Tokyo & Nagoya] Curry Udon Senkichi (カレーうどん 千吉): Vegetable-Rich Chanpon Curry Udon with Umami of Seafood

Senkichi’s Curry Udon: A Journey of Senses

At Senkichi, each spoonful of their curry udon embarks you on a tantalizing journey. As you settle in, the air becomes filled with an alluring aroma, a symphony of spices teasing your senses. Your ears are serenaded by the sizzle and bubble of a culinary orchestra. Feast your eyes on a visual delight. Vibrant hues of golden sauce mingle with fresh green onions, creating a picturesque contrast. And as you cradle the bowl, warmth envelops your hands, inviting you to indulge. But the true enchantment lies in that first bite—a burst of flavors and textures that delight your palate.

At the core of Senkichi’s menu is their signature curry udon, a divine fusion of tradition and innovation. Imagine a velvety sauce, rich with dashi and creamy milk, elevating the humble broth to new heights. For those craving a vegetable-rich delight, there’s the Chanpon curry udon, a masterpiece that takes the Senkichi curry base and enhances it with a bounty of fresh vegetables and succulent seafood.

From crunchy cabbage to plump shrimp, every bite celebrates wholesome goodness. Let’s not forget about the noodles—medium in thickness, generously infused with vegetables, adding a nutritious touch to an already gratifying meal.

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