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[Tokyo] Daisan Tamanoyu (第三玉乃湯): Tattoo-Friendly Public Bath with Sauna Facility Around Kagurazaka, Shinjuku Ward

Daisan Tamanoyu 1

Daisan Tamanoyu: Kagurazaka’s Urban Oasis of Inclusive Relaxation

Explore “Daisan Tamanoyu” in Kagurazaka, a hidden gem celebrated for its discreet allure. This adult haven stands out in Kagurazaka, where saunas are a rare commodity.

What distinguishes it is its inclusive policy, allowing even patrons with tattoos to fully relish the rejuvenating facilities. Rejuvenated in 2018, the bathhouse has transformed into an urban oasis, exuding cleanliness and boasting captivating features. While the sauna and cold-water bath may not possess extraordinary uniqueness, they offer a satisfying revitalization.

Immerse yourself in the welcoming “Atsuyu open-air bath,” accommodating 4 to 5 individuals with a temperature of 44°C – a rare indulgence in Tokyo’s public bath scene. Experience fatigue and tension dissipating in this scalding water retreat. The invigorating jet bath acts as a potent remedy for accumulated weariness, complemented by the adjacent carbonated spring for a leisurely escape.

Conclude your visit with a touch of nostalgia as ice cream sales from an icebox add a charming twist. Enjoying ice cream with a radiant post-bath glow is a truly exceptional delight.

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