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Tokyo Tower (東京タワー)

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the iconic Tokyo Tower stands as a testament to the city’s post-war economic growth and redevelopment. Built in 1958, the tower served as a foundation for the transmission of radio and television signals for various media companies. However, since the 634m-tall Tokyo Skytree assumed the role of the city’s primary transmission facility in 2012, Tokyo Tower has served merely as a backup.

Despite its current limited function, the Tokyo Tower remains a popular tourist destination, offering panoramic views of the city, including Mount Fuji on clear days, from its main observation deck at 150 meters and its higher vantage point at 250 meters. Its elegant design, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, also makes it the second tallest structure in Tokyo after the Tokyo Skytree, standing at 333 meters.  

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