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[Tokyo] Kaichu Inari Shrine (皆中稲荷神社): Sacred Splendor


Experience the Rich History and Traditions Known for Kaichu Inari Shrine in Shinjuku

Experience the vivid and captivating atmosphere of the Kaichu Inari Shrine, where the rich tapestry of history and tradition is brought to life. This sacred site, established in 1533, is located in the heart of the bustling Shinjuku neighborhood and has been the local deity of Okubo for centuries.

During the Kanei era, a group of brave soldiers known as “Teppougumihyakunintai” would perform a ritual at the shrine before heading off to battle as a gift to the shrine. Their presence brought notoriety to the already beloved shrine, which became known as “Kaichu Inari.”

While the shrine suffered a loss of assets during World War II, it is now working to revive the Teppougumihyakunintai ritual by collecting old guns and other related resources. Visitors can witness the shrine’s dedication to preserving this important tradition and honor the brave soldiers who once graced its grounds.

Located near Shin-Okubo Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line, the Kaichu Inari Shrine is a must-see destination for anyone seeking to connect with Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Step back in time and experience the magic for yourself at this historic shrine.

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